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THE ROOT BRANDS is based in Nashville/Tennessee USA and was founded in 2020 by Clayton Thomas the CEO.
Clayton has over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness space. For the past 16 years, Clayton has focused on detoxification and nutritional supplement formulas, as well as business ventures.

His background includes environmental and human health solutions, but he is also dedicated to animal health. Clayton’s mission is to improve the world through scientific and business approaches.

Dr. Christina Rahm

is a mother, wife, international scientific leader, speaker and patent author. She has a master’s degree in science, a doctorate in counseling and psychology, and she has conducted research and lectured at the most prestigious medical institutions worldwide.

When she started working on ROOT’s products, her main direction was to use all her knowledge to help people improve their lives, noticeably increase well-being and offer the highest possible support in doing so.


In everyday life, people are exposed to a toxic environment characterized by stress and pressure to perform. The basis for natural well-being is whole-body health. It starts with detoxifying the body. The clean slate based products can stimulate the body’s natural ability to remove toxins. They can reduce inflammation and promote the absorption of important nutrients. The best of nature is used to restore the body’s natural energy and boost the immune system. All products have been developed on the basis of scientific knowledge.
Get to know the products and you can achieve better health and maybe wealth soon.

“A better life and better bodies.”

The ROOT company has the goal of acting together, exceeding expectations and fulfilling the promise of equal opportunities in all areas for our customers and all people connected to us. As a result, we create fun, life-changing experiences while building a vibrant, supportive community.

🔭core values
ROOT was founded on four core values: Simplicity, Authenticity, Integrity and Education.
We believe in inspiring the community to improve their lives through authentic, honest solutions, deeper knowledge of natural wellness, and simple yet effective solutions for whole-body health.

🎯 task
ROOT is a health and wellness company that believes in getting to the “ROOT” of health issues. ROOT products are non-GMO, organic, vegan and gluten-free. We are committed to providing alternative solutions that can help people feel empowered, happy and empowered to take responsibility for their health.

👐 Vision
ROOT is a company founded to advance the understanding of how toxins and chemicals damage health. Instead of the patch approach, ROOT targets the underlying cause. We harness the power of nature to help people live healthier, happier lives. ROOT contributes to creating a sustainable lifestyle worldwide.

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Please note our medical disclaimer

My ex has had a dry asthmatic cough for over 30 years. Often hour-long throat clearing and nocturnal urge to cough. Hardly noticeable after five weeks of zero in and clean slate!

Sensational! Pure hair growth since I started cellular detoxification with a great product. My receding hairline is full of new hair. My hairdresser asked me about it too. My hair keeps getting fuller. That’s a blessing for many people with thinning hair

My son, 16 years old, had cold sores on a regular basis. Always a runny nose or a cold. Then came herpes. That’s all gone since he took Clean Slate!

I have had inflammatory rheumatism and arthrosis for years. Now I have significant improvements. I’ve been drug free for three months.

I am Catherine 38 years. I’ve been taking the capsules and drops since the end of January. Since mid-February Restore & ReLive Greens, which goes into my morning smoothie. My depressive episodes were history after a week. I’m in a good mood, I have power and I’m in a good mood all day. Only my tinnitus, which has accompanied me for seven years, is still minimal. My hair is getting softer and shinier. I also have very bad menstrual problems. One day with terrible abdominal pain. I am now in my second menstrual month and have zero pain.

Psychological Counseling Practice
As many already know, during an energetic SCIO treatment I also test nutritional supplements and how they affect the energy of each individual organ of the person being tested. For example, I energetically test the same vitamin on different clients. It can have a positive effect on some and not on others. And I have to say that I have never seen such a gigantic result as with Clean Slate drops. A significant improvement in terms of the energy of each individual organ can be observed in all tested persons (in relation to each individual organ). I haven’t tested any that it would affect negatively. I’m so excited!

I want to share another great experience with you. My cat has been limping for a while. He hates the vet and going there always causes unnecessary stress. That’s why I thought what’s good for my family can’t hurt my little darling. I’ve been giving him two of our drops for three days. Last night I saw that he wasn’t limping anymore and this morning he ran all over the house and played. Now he is tired and sleeping.

Hello, my son (11 years old) is also diagnosed with ADHD and always has big problems at school with regard to concentration and has to move constantly (me too). However, he is also highly gifted and easily bored, so it is difficult to differentiate between ADHD and boredom. For about a year he has often refused school, well actually always. He sees no point in school and accordingly had many absent days. I put a Zero In capsule in his school water bottle in the morning. So I open the capsule. We started with half a capsule. Since he’s been on Clean Slate and Zero In, he’s definitely had fewer absenteeism days and we’ve hardly fought at all since then. So family harmony has moved in with us since the products. I’m much more chilled myself and so is he.

I can only tell you positive things and I am really amazed at what the products do. We’ve been on the Clean Slate drops and Zero-In for 10 days. First to me. For years I’ve had a haze in front of my eyes, mostly early in the morning, sometimes all day. Very annoying when reading and driving. I thought I needed glasses 🙈After taking three drops of Clean Slate the first evening, it was completely gone the next morning, I thought someone turned on the HD camera in my head 😂. It’s stayed that way now, no more problems driving the car, can see everything super sharply. Now to my daughter. For years she has had lung problems, restricted breathing, often burning and tingling in her lungs. She’s had it since she had bronchitis and the doctor only gave her asthma sprays to get her breath. After two or three days of taking it, she first had pain in her lungs, then loose mucus formed and she was able to cough up (this has never happened before, everything was always constipated) but that was completely over after a few days and she can Breathe deeply again for the first time in years, no longer has a feeling of tightness and no burning 😅 The second, also very important, thing we have noticed is the psyche. She has been very depressed lately, sad and hopeless about the future, of course also with the whole current situation. After two days of taking the two products, she said a switch flipped in her head. She has hope again, negative thoughts have completely disappeared, she feels happy and hopeful 🙏🏻. We have now also ordered Restore.


To be successful, you only need one chance.

-Jesse Owens-


Whatever drives you, you can achieve it with us!

Our business model is already being mentioned by recognized experts as the solution for everyone.
It’s about free enterprise. Because regardless of gender, age, education and nationality, everyone has the opportunity to set up their own company, but without the risks of classic self-employment.
And that with free time management, an ideal second income, without constraints.

You can share the products and your business anywhere and with anyone, which of course also constantly increases your income. Because with every purchase that comes about as a result of your recommendation, you will be involved. Namely on the first order, but also on each subsequent one, without you having to do anything else.
There are no investments, neither for storage nor for rent. And you won’t employ any staff either.
But you have unlimited income potential.


By the way, you don’t have to bunker any products in your basement, but you get an online shop from ROOT free of charge, through which your customers can order directly from you, but are supplied by the company. The times when you still had to store products and pre-finance them are definitely over

In all the decisions that we made in relation to the partner company ROOT and in relation to the product, we paid particular attention to stability and longevity!

Our goal is to only build something ONCE to benefit from it PERMANENTLY! Nobody wants to start all over again every 6-12 months.
Our partner company ROOT offers an extremely lucrative bonus plan where you can actually rest to enjoy the passive income.

Ready to find out if this can work for you too?
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Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it!


ROOT has the right concept and unites
health, prosperity with the Social Sharing Community.
Starter packages, entry fees, monthly repeat orders? We don’t have any of that!
We have probably the simplest concept for this that allows you to achieve your goals.


If you love the brand, share it!
If you love the products, buy them!
Very easily.

In order to earn money with ROOT, you don’t have to invest anything.
You don’t have to buy an expensive starter set and you don’t have to pay an annual fee.


Our business is based on an honest recommendation. Satisfied customers, including me and hopefully you too, talk about extraordinary products. With us, the people who report about their good experiences out of conviction become successful.

Simply register as a ROOT customerfor free and order the products of your choice for your health. Pass it on if you are satisfied with the products. You will be rewarded for every activity.

You will be rewarded for every purchase within your community. Already within a short time it is possible for the activities in your Social Sharing Community Earning real good money and prosperity to get. Since customers regularly reorder, you can get good commissions for life.
Everything is possible with free timing. You decide with your recommendations how active you want to be. You have no obligations and you have everything in your own hands.

Then he kicks
Social Sharing Community and may soon achieve greater prosperity. .

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When everyone moves forward together, success comes naturally

-Henry Ford-



We are a team consisting of entrepreneurs, naturopaths and therapists, affiliate and network professionals, as well as online marketing experts. Our top priority is to create a trusting cooperation.
We think that these unique ROOT products that we have here, the entire world needs to know about. And that’s why our goal is to share the products and the business opportunity with all of humanity.

Our friendly cooperation is characterized by openness and transparency. Every team partner is included and can share their ideas with our community. We encourage and enable our team partners to actively contribute to create a better future.

With us you have the opportunity to grow in all areas. You benefit from our supportive environment, backed by values such as commitment, passion, loyalty, motivation and cohesion.


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We are not responsible for what we do, but also for what we don’t do.




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G R A T I S marketing tools worth 997,00€ for customer and partner development.

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